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Who We Are

In celebrating over 41 years in business, The Time of Day Calendar Inc. continues to grow evolving into a custom publishing house under the new name Time of Day Publishing. The Time of Day’s reputation has been built on exceptional customer service, loyalty and a beautiful end product. We pride ourselves on being experts in print helping our clients bring an idea to life through the powerful and everlasting impact of the written word.

We are passionate and take great pride in the quality of print that we produce and are committed to sourcing our papers based on best environmental practices. This ensures our stocks are not only FSC approved, but our printers are as well.

Our response and turn around time is fast, our work is well organized and our imagination unlimited. Whether we work locally or across broader platforms, our publishing services have no boundaries.

Let us work with you to produce a one of a kind publication, meeting the needs of both your company and clients.

Email us to get started or if you have any questions we can further assist you with!