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Buyer’s Guide Notebook

Help your clients keep track of their buying process from start to finish by gifting them our Buyer’s Guide Notebook, featuring sections for budgeting, mapping out your dream property, resources and even a glossary of real estate terms. When you gift a notebook, your name stays top-of-mind when clients are ready for your service.

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  • Keep your clients organized and well informed
  • Show existing & prospective clients you’re invested in their process
  • Engage visitors and leads at open houses
  • Perfect gift to your client for future referrals upon closing
  • Effective promotional material


  • Pricing begins at $8.00/unit with a minimum order of 30.
  • Price breaks occur at 100 units and will be quoted based on the order.
  • Cost of covers begins at $2.00 per set and can range depending on the type of finishing requested.


Size: 6.5″ x 9″


  • Wire bound OR perfect bound
  • Custom covers


  • Lined note pages
  • Minimum 80 pages
  • Option to include tabs and folders throughout

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