The Time Of Day Calendar
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Customization Options

Print paired with excellent design can reach and engage consumers on a deeper more connected level.

Digital technology, foils, textures & folds have all become exciting new physical qualities of print. These features are essential in helping create a rich multimedia campaign.

Scroll through our customizing options to help you create a product that is unique to your brand and vision.

Custom Covers

Feature Your Brand front and Center!

Create your own custom front & back covers with a variety of FSC stock options and finishes. Whatever look and feel you’re trying to achieve, we’re sure that our selection of textured materials will meet your creative needs.

  • Digital Printing: A perfect colour match can be achieved on stock paper when choosing a digitally printed cover. These covers can then be finished with either a matte or laminated coating to provide additional strength and to lock in the colours.
  • UV Coating: Using the latest technology, UV coating adds a protective polish to your covers without using lamination. Add a gloss finish to your entire cover or highlight specific areas with Spot UV adding intrigue and dimension.
  • Die Cutting: Add an extra design element of originality with a die-cut on your front covers.
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Custom Embossing

Aim to Impress!

Create a look that is memorable and well designed by combining embossing and foil stamping. Embossing elements can provide a luxurious perception to a notebook when featured on the cover.

Text, logos and other images can be created using the embossing method.

  • Embossing: A raised surface, with the design higher than the surrounding paper.
  • Blind Embossing: Creates the design without the use of ink or foil
  • De-Bossing: Results in a recessed surface with the design lower than the surrounding paper.
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Custom Foil Stamping

It’s Simply Special!

Add an interesting element to your covers helping them stand out with a distinctive and eye-catching appeal.

Foils are available in a wide assortment of colours, finishes and optical effects. Traditionally featured are gold, silver and copper foils which present an elegant and distinguished appearance.

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Custom Insert Pages

Take Your Brand Beyond the Cover!

Add any additional information to your Time of Day Notebooks and 2018 Time of Day Appointment Calendars by extending your message. With custom printed insert pages we can add up to 24 additional full colour pages that build and support your brand.

These pages can be positioned in the front or back section of the notebook or calendar.

Popular options for the design of insert pages include the use of photos from events, promotional campaigns, QR/Augmented Reality codes and corporate guidelines and information.

These make for exceptional gifts for prospective clients, loyal customers, a commemorative piece, or to be used in conferences and convention swag bags.

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Custom Dividers

Access Information Quickly!

For notebooks that are full of information, divider tabs and folders are a great way to keep your notebook organized. Navigate through the pages of your book with our convenient tabs!

This feature has been popular with corporations that offer multiple services and divisions. These tabs direct their clients towards key information in a structured manner.

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Custom Binding

Choose from our variety of binding styles. Each binding method has unique qualities that can complement your brand and publishing needs.

  • Wire Spiral Bound books offer an ease of writing without limiting your writing space with its lay flat design. Wires are available in a variety of colours.
  • Perfect Bound softcover books have the pages and covers glued together at the spine with strong flexible glue. The cover is wrapped around the glued pages and then trimmed to its finished size. A durable alternative to a hardcover book.
  • Saddle Stitch is similar to perfect binding however the spine is stitched or stapled opposed to glued. This is a great option for smaller page counts giving flexibility without losing durability.
  • Wrap Around Binding has a partially hidden wire giving the look of a perfect bound book with the function of a spiral notebook and its lay flat design.
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Augmented Reality / QR Codes


Augmented reality (AR) technology and QR codes are innovative ways of connecting your print marketing to the online world. These media-rich experiences are being used to successfully bridge the gap between print, digital and mobile communications. It not only increases long-term engagement and response from consumers, but also helps keep print relevant in today’s mobile world. AR is allowing content to not be confined to paper and helps to bring life and impact to print campaigns.


Clients simply scan the code or enter the URLs on their smartphones or tablets at the same time they are consuming the printed material. This not only drives traffic to your online campaigns but enables you to track data on your users and other important information.


This technology allows for seamless integration into the overall design of your print publications.

AR Capabilities: Choose to incorporate the following opportunities

  • Basic buttons: Open a website, call a number, vote in a poll, buy a product, send you an email, download a mobile app, show an image
  • Media buttons: Play a video, show a carousel, play audio, show a soundcloud widget
  • Social buttons: Share on facebook, or like on facebook, show a twitter feed, follow you on twitter, share a page, pin it on pinterest