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Personal Injury Notebook

Our personal injury notebook is an all-in-one notebook that supports your clients and their families throughout their journey to recovery. personal injury notebook can be distributed to your clients as an effective resource and companion, helping to document and guide them through their personal injury claim.

This recovery notebook is an effective resource and companion, helping to keep your clients organized, actively aware, and involved in helping their legal team to maximize their case to obtain the highest remuneration.

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Benefits for Your Firm:

  • Strong first impression and increased brand awareness with distribution of these notebooks
  • Helps build trust and engage potential clients
  • Bind into your notebook guidelines and FAQ’s to help clients begin the claims process that are specific to your firm
  • All in one record keeper, financial log, resource center and organizer that allows the support and legal team’s access to important information as needed

Benefits for Clients:

  • Be on the same page as support teams while on the go
  • Keep track of medication, hospitalizations, illnesses and routine exams
  • Keep track of all insurance providers, policies and know whom to call at a moment’s notice
  • Keep track of out of pocket expenses/loses both personal and medical with organized and easy to use charts


  • Pricing begins at $8.00/unit with a minimum order of 30.
  • Price breaks occur at 100 units and will be quoted based on the order.
  • Cost of covers begins at $2.00 per set and can range depending on the type of finishing requested.


Size: 6.5″ x 9″


  • Perfect bound OR wire bound
  • Custom covers


  • Lined note pages
  • Minimum 80 pages
  • Option to include tabs and folders throughout

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